Get Muscular – The Role Of Genetics

How annoying are those naturally super skinny people who eat garbage all day long and still look great. We have all met them right? You see them at the restaurant tucking in to a huge plate of pure cholesterol and never putting on an ounce, whilst we count the calories on a daily basis in our quest for huge biceps, triceps and abs.

Perhaps their most irritating character trait however, is that they feel the constant need to remind all around them of this fact. They take great pleasure in proclaiming “I can eat what I want and just don’t put on any weight”. Lets be honest we hate these people!

Let’s not be too hard on them though, it’s not their fault. It is all down to genetics, and it is vital you have at least a basic understanding of this. Developing ripped abs is a tough, albeit highly achievable goal but before you lift a single weight or drink a single protein shake it would make sense to establish what body type you are.

There are three different body types and they differ greatly in size and shape, and perhaps more importantly in the speed of their metabolisms. They are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. For the record the irritating super skinny guys are the ectomorphs. The ectomorph is naturally skinny and has a super quick metabolism. This may appear to be a perfect scenario but it is far from this.

The ectomorphs lightning quick metabolism makes it incredibly difficult for them to gain weight and consequently gain muscle mass. In order for an ectomorph to gain enough muscle mass they will need to eat a huge amount. It is vital then for an ectomorph to be aware of their need to significantly increase their calorific intake, and the role that supplements will play for them.

Ectomorphs will have to work incredibly hard at the gym in order to see any real development in their muscle mass. However, before we start to feel too sorry for them we need to look at those poor unfortunate souls, the endomorphs.

Endomorphs are the naturally fat body type and tend to be very round in shape. They are the complete opposite of the ectomorph in that they just have to walk past a cake shop and they put on three pounds! This is down to the fact that they have the slowest metabolic rate and therefore gain weight quickly and easily.

The good news however, is that their metabolism is great for gaining muscle and strength, so a strong muscular physique is definitely there for the taking. The only problem will be keeping the fat off in order to actually see the muscle!

Finally we come to the mesomorph. They are the truly blessed and the luckiest of the body types. The mesomorph has naturally broad shoulders and a slim waist, and tend to make great natural bodybuilders and fitness models. Mesomorphs are perhaps the ones we should all really hate! While most of us are struggling to gain any muscle definition the mesomorph turns up at the gym, takes a quick look at the weight rack and is immediately pumped!

The fact is the mesomorph gains muscle as well as an endomorph and loses fat as well as an ectomorph.

The great news however, is that although there is nothing you can do about your genetics you are completely in control of what you do with them. Developing a lean ripped physique is possible for all body types, you just need to tailor your diet and workout plan accordingly.

You can change your weight and you can most certainly reduce your body fat percentage and how much muscle you have. Your body type is merely the blank canvas you start with. You, and only you decide what your body will become. Stay dedicated and focused and a lean muscular physique with chiselled ripped 6 pack abs will be yours, irrespective of your body type.


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