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I have been a lifelong fitness, strength training and bodybuilding enthusiast and have a passion for sharing my knowledge and experiences with you.

I guess the main difference between me and many of my contemporaries is that even though I am now in decent shape, it certainly hasn’t always been the case. In fact I have gone from a lean and ripped 205lbs right up to a bloated, fat and out of shape 300lb.

Why am I telling you this? Well, firstly I believe in transparency and telling it like it is, but secondly and perhaps more importantly I think the lessons I have learned over the years on HOW NOT to do things are just as valuable as the ones that have lead me to the shape I am in today! Read on here..


The Essential Guide To Ripped Six Pack Abs - Part 4

Tips, Diet & Myths Tip 1: Avoid Traditional Sit-Ups Traditional sit-ups actually do very little for the abdominal muscles. Even when don...
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